Opening times for summer 2024

See our updated opening times.

We are open on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM. Weekends by appointment only. See below for booking instructions.

Exceptional opening hours:

  • We are closed on Ascension Day, May 9.
  • We are closed on Midsummer from Friday to Sunday, June 21-23.

Guided tours and bookings

We organize guided tours of our exhibition. You can book a guided tour for a price of 25 € / guided tour. Please book your tour at least a week before your visit to our exhibition. Depending on the situation, we can also arrange tours during your visit. The minimum group size is 2 people.

Contacts: make.hyvonen@gmail.com // nightwishstory@gmail.com, tel. 050 364 7267.


Opening times for the autumn will be released later.

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