Enter adventureland

We bid you welcome to an adventure unlike any other. From so simple a beginning – a humble mood music project put together by a dreamer and his friends here in the tiny hamlet of Kitee, Finland – was born a metal phenomenon with a fanbase that blankets all corners of the world, all ages and of all walks of life. With sales over 10 million copies, dozens of gold record awards and eight successful world tours, Nightwish is a trailblazer of symphonic metal music, a heavy metal giant and internationally the most popular band in the history of Finnish rock music.  

The forever moments

We believe we’ve collected the most comprehensive archive of Nightwish artefacts anywhere. For fans a shrine, for casual visitors perhaps the Architecture of understanding to the band’s history, we’ve built a Gallery of wonders where you can find the band’s first ever demotape, stage-used instruments, numerous awards the band has accumulated over time, props from their latest video and everything in between. From Elvenpath to
Endlessness, it’s all here – walls are full of memories immortalized, dusty bookshelves brimming with press clippings new and old. Here is the wonder, here’s the awe. Come on in.

It is definitely storytime

Scripted and grouped in chronological order, the exhibition lets you relive the entire Nightwish story the way that suits your best – visually, literally, and digitally. Visit our vr room to feast your eyes on the black mirror and see
if the Riddler stares back. Find the secret peephole and gaze into your nightmares. Save yourself a penny for the Dark chest of wonders.

Tick-tock, time stops

Kitee Tourist Information – A Nightwish Story is a changing exhibition. We have accumulated such a vault of treasures it’s impossible to have them all on display at the same time. After we have been here a while, before long, the next evolutionary step of this exhibition will be coming, coming, coming your way.

Exhibition Floor Plan

1  /  LOBBY

Kitee tourist information desk, ticket, and merchandise sales


Early days - where, who and why


Browse newspaper articles of Nightwish and familiarize yourself with the unique collaboration of Don Rosa and Tuomas Holopainen


Main trophy room, with digital photo galleries, videos and other curiosities

5  /  NOISE

Last rides of the day and Nightwish karaoke booths to sing a song yourself or come cover me


Purchase collectibles


Photos from the days long gone

8  /  THE BLUE

Virtual reality showroom and stage-used instruments


Stage-used drumset

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